PLEASE NOTE - This site is not finished and does have errors. I am trying to get things finished up and the errors fixed. The reason for launching early is I have given the URL out to a few for review and am now getting emails and questions. I figured it was time. Thank you for your patience. Doug

12-04-2021 UPDATE - I just want to keep everyone up to date on what I have completed recently. The updates are coming slowly, but they are coming. General date ranges have been added to all United States Cartridge Company's heads.  Some of the code has been updated to make the site run more smoothly and be a bit more up to date and user friendly.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by The Turtlefoot Headstamp Project. Let me take this to explain what this site is and is not intended to be.

What this site is intended to be:

This site is intended to be a help to both metal detecting hobbyists and others who come across shotshell heads. This site is intended to help identify the manufacturer of the shotshell head and the line of shells. This site is also intended to help determine the most accurate date range that I can give you. Other information that this site will try to give you is the number of varieties that I have in my collection as well as potential rarity of the shotshell head that you are researching.

What this site is NOT intended to be:

This site is not intended to be a list of all known lines of shotshell headstamps. This site only contains the shotshell headstamps that I have in my personal collection.

Please click the links below to read the dating and rarity disclaimers as well as how this site is set up. It is important so PLEASE read them.

Thank you for visiting this site!
Doug "Turtlefoot" Budd

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