Rarity Disclaimer:

The rarity scale is from 1-10 with 1 being very common and 10 being the rarest. ALL RARITY RATINGS ARE SOMEWHAT SUBJECTIVE! Let me explain myself. The rarity ratings are based on what I have in my collection and what I have seen dug. Just because I give something a rarity rating of 7 or 8 might not mean that the shotshell head is from a rare line of shells, it just means that it is rarely found by someone with a metal detector or someone excavating a site. Rarity can also be very regional. A person might find a certain line of shells in the silver mine areas of Nevada, but a person might never see that line of shells in the New England area.

Some varieties are more rare than others too. A specific headstamp design or a specific font variety might be very rare, while the line of shells is very common.

Please understand, rarity in many cases, is subjective and my rarity ratings can change as more headstamps are discovered and more information is evaluated. If you have anything that you can add to the rarity factor, please contact me.


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